About Solware

About Solware Ltd
Solware Ltd is a small business an we are just entering in to our 17th year of trading online, our turnover has now well exceeded £1,000,000 a year and growing, this equates to a substantial amount of orders being processed each and every week so we hope this boosts your confidence in purchasing and for us supplying your order.

Solware over the last 8 Years have increased its product range to offer a even larger product range and services within many industry types and we are always adding new items to keep up with customer demand. To help boost your confidence to order from ourselves please see our customer compliments page of the website listed here to see the comments we have been supplied with from previous customers.

Telephone : Existing Customers 0844 357 0306 ( Local Rate ) – New Sales Enquiries 0844 357 0306 ( Local Rate )

Facsimile : 0870 011 9788 (24hr)

Email : sales@solware.co.uk

Website : www.solware.co.uk

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